Recommended Mortgage Brokers

Choosing a Mortgage Broker

A lender is the institution that is loaning the money to a buyer. However, you get a lot more personalized service with a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker evaluates the borrower’s financial situation to connect him or her to a lender that is right for them. A mortgage broker will work to facilitate your loan application because the broker doesn’t get paid until you do.

A lender is critical to the cost and success of your home purchase. The lender holds the purse strings and your brokers level of service can make the difference between a happy new homeowner and a disappointed would-be buyer who missed out on a home.

Buying a home starts starts with pre-approval. You should get a pre-approval for a loan before you shop for a house. Use a local mortgage broker. On-line brokers may offer you great rates but in the end, the rates are the same as you'll get most places. Typically on-line mortgage brokers have more trouble performing than a local broker that is trying to retain business through local relationships.

Use a mortgage broker who is responsive and pays attention to deadlines. Beyond finding a good interest rate, you will rely on this person to lock in your interest rate — if you want that lower rate, you may need to move fast because rates can change quickly. You'll also be relying on the your broker to close the loan on time; you could lose a house if there is a hang-up for some reason beyond your control.

Most people find their mortgage broker through friends or real estate agents. Let someone else do the shopping so you can relax knowing that they had a good experience with the person they are referring to you. Save yourself some time and contact a mortgage broker from the list I'm providing.  I have worked with these brokers and they have shown themselves to be professional, responsive, friendly, caring and competent.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Andrew J Storteboom

Branch Manager


Phone: 970.818.3020 | Fax: 866.738.4975 |

3000 S. College Ave, Suite 210, Fort Collins, CO 80525

License # 100031313| NMLS # 265556 | Company NMLS # 2289

Elevations Credit Union

Jim Perkins

Mortgage Loan Officer


Phone:970-267-7697    Mobile:970-213-1047

Windsor Mortgage Office

4650 Royal Vista Circle, Suite 200

Windsor, CO 80528

NMLS#698288   LMB#717246